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Ashland University’s Miller Hall: A Rememberance

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As soon as I heard that my alma mater Ashland University, in Ashland, Ohio, was going to remove Miller Hall from campus over their Christmas break, I knew I needed to head over to take a few last photos. I’ve been on a mission lately with my photography to not only capture nature in all its splendor, but all the history that the outdoor world brings also. Another passion of mine is history, so coupling that with photography is natural.  The beauty of historic houses and buildings, finding the small pieces of them that exude vintage and have remained fairly untouched over the years, is such a passion of mine. Photographs  are the only visual window into our past and assists our memories in the future.  Something untouched now may be invisible tomorrow. 

I went to Ashland University, graduating in 1997. I really only ever had some business and economic classes in Miller Hall and a few English courses in the basement.  Mostly I walked by it every day and night on my way to or from the Arts and Humanities building, which housed many of my communications, art, and foreign language courses.  However, I thought about my mom, who went to Ashland University and graduated in 1960, all those older alumni who may have a more ingrained remembrance. I thought about the bustling of the campus in 1922 when the building was built and housed the library and some classrooms and offices.  I thought about the alumni’s memories of the campus and the beauty of the way buildings were built back then.  I imagined Ashland University in the late 1800s to 1920s and how the stone buildings looked spread over a larger area with lots of land. 

With Miller being the oldest building on campus, it still holds on to some of that history, with the stone above the front doorway, and the top turret.  In taking photos of the major historical parts of Miller Hall, a great nostalgia was preserved for life. 

This post is in no way written to chastise AU for their decision. It is completely understandable when a building would take over $6 million to just renovate for usable classrooms, not offering a chance to even expand it. It will open up hopefully a great new space for a building to complement their wonderful art and humanities courses and professors.  I’m just glad that I took the photos to sustain its memory and offer little pieces of the building, immortalized in archival photo paper, glass and frame, to those who want to hold on to some part of its history.

With all this said, look for more post in the future talking about older buildings and houses and capturing their memory in word and digitally.  If you’d like to order any of my various shots of Miller Hall, please e-mail me at breathebeautyartandphotography@hotmail.com for options in price, size, and framing.

 To view ALL the Miller Hall photos, go to the link below to my Facebook fan page, you can still view even if you don’t have a Facebook account, and if you are on Facebook please “like” my fan page.

Photos:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/manage/updates.php?id=114104011984418&sent=1&e=0#!/album.php?aid=18365&id=114104011984418


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