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Perfect Autumn Notecards

It has been a long week/weekend and I just didn’t want to start another week without writing something. Until I write again, let me tease you with fact I found yet another awesome apple cake recipe. Actually my mom found it, and with some of my own tweaking of the recipe, it turned out fabulous. It was the best cake I have ever had! I made it with homemade cooked brown sugar frosting just like my grandmother used to make for her kids. I promise, the next post will be those recipes!

We went to the pumpkin patch and have taken in all the different hues of the orange spectrum along with even some “albino” ones. The orange pumpkins with the purple field flower (gotta find that name!), the cornstalks, the bees and beetles nibbling on the purplish gourd flowers all were magnificent to explore. The wagon ride to and from the patch was fun for the kids of course.  We went to Honey Haven Farms (www.honeyhavenfarm.com)  in Ashland, Ohio and the Boyer family is tremendously wonderful to the community and their patrons!

I’ve taken a lot more photos too of the changing leaves and all the nook and crannies you find during fall walks that take your breath away. I’ll enlighten readers more on some of those interesting tidbits soon as well. I just love the vibrant reds, yellows, oranges and browns.

Isn’t this you favorite time of year?

And in closing for now, I have several more autumn notecards sets for sale that I know you’ll love. Take a peek at www.breathebeautyartandphotographybyerin.artfire.com and toss some in your virtual checkout basket to write notes to your friends today!


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