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The Domestic Violence Fight Must Continue!

Domestic Violence impacts 1.3 million women a year who are victims of physical assault by someone they know. Most cases are never reported to the police. It is time for women to stand up for themselves and for other women. There is no reason that any man should ever emotionally, financially, or physically abuse any woman. I know as women we tend to forgive, forget, and see the positive in anyone. In other cases maybe women are just scared, feel that they will lose their children, or fear not having any money and being homeless. However, if you are victim of any kind of abuse (and yes mental and emotional counts!) you will see that after the hard part of leaving is over, and if you find assistance from a shelter and/or a support group, that your life will certainly start to take on a new meaning. You’ll wonder why  you never left sooner. It will take a long time mentally to overcome the effects of emotional, physical, and financial abuse. I know this because I am a survivor of abuse. The trauma to your body (I have many health related problems including fibromyalgia, body aches, and TMJ in my jaw from a punch) can be long-lasting and your emotional state can take even longer. Try to seek out only the most positive people in your life. Do not allow pessimistic or negative people to infiltrate your new life. Do not dwell on what has happened, but focus on growing a new life and finding yourself again because most certainly you have lost yourself. Please seek out help and restore your life before it is too late. If you have children, it is very important that you do this; however, please focus on also doing it for yourself.

In honor of all who  have fought or are still fighting domestic violence, I have created this original photo artwork and written a motivational quote based on my own thoughts as a survivor. It is being sold in my online store as a print, framed or unframed, matted, printed on canvas, or maybe a set of notecards to assist with awareness would be something you might purchase. Fifty percent of each sale will go towards domestic violence awareness efforts for women both locally and nationally.

For more information on domestic violence and to see the wheel of abuse, please check out this link below.


Keep fighting! We are worth it!


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